sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2007

Soccer at the begining of the day

After playing soccer a few times at hours like 12.00 PM I consider that few things are left that could make my sleep more "soft & easy". " But, what? Say that again? 12.00 PM? Hmm... you gotta be crazy!" Well, believe me or not some folks were waiting to play on that field even at 2.00 AM after we have done our matches. When talking about playing on a field protected by rain and cold you can play at those hours, it's no problem. The only problem to discuss is whether you are tired or not at that hour. Well, :) even if you are tired you will definitely wake up after 5 minutes of playing. So, I can say that this day started very electrifying ;)) Started with a soccer match and continued with a nice november day after a good sleep.

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