joi, 1 noiembrie 2007

LEGO Power

Well ... I can gladly remember the swwet days of childhood without computers (though with some TV) when I was playing with LEGO System. I was always admiring the astonshing photos of LEGO Technic, but of course I couldn't aford them. Years have past and still... I month ago I've bought a Lego System ;) sooo cute : a helicopter and a truck. Maybe later sometime I'll buy the ones I've always wanted.

The posibilities are many with LEGO. I've seen you can buy different sensors and different motors, gears , bricks and special coool is that? PRETTY COOL :)

Let''s not forget about the LEGO Digital Designer. I;ve just downloaded. I can't wait to see what's it like.

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Alin spunea...

Il cunosc pe acest om...atat...dar merita orice, orice ar lasati talentele afara din lumea noastra...cheers !

ileana spunea...

Speaking of Lego, DSP Labs have 6 of these babies. :) I think anyone is welcome to come and play with them anytime they want.